Appearance Tips

Appearance Tips and Reminders:

Most corporations are conservative. When interviewing, managers and Human Resource representatives do not want to see anything “funky” or flashy. Suits and ties for men and suits for women are most appropriate. Dark blue or gray are highly recommended for both sexes.

You should also be neat and well groomed. Do not forget to take care of the little things: getting a hair cut if needed, shining your shoes, and having a cleaned and pressed white shirt or blouse. Your nails also should be conservatively and neatly manicured.

Avoid interviewing when wearing casual Friday clothes. Make some excuse at the office for wearing business attire when you schedule a Friday interview. If it’s absolutely necessary to interview in casual clothes, do not wear jeans, a tee-shirt, sneakers, or a hat, and be sure to inform your recruiter at Locke Careers.

Your appearance will be the first and most lasting impression you make on any interview!